Christiane Wagner is a research professor, writer, editor, visual artist, and architect-designer. Professor Wagner is internationally known for her research on aesthetics, the science of art, architecture, design, and communication. Her extensive international experience includes participating in congresses, conferences, workshops, and lectures; presenting her research results on cultural, media, and image studies, as well as the interface of architecture, film, art, design, and digital media; and chairing sessions in Europe, Canada, the United States, and Latin America.

She has several publications, including books, peer-reviewed articles, and essays in German, English, French, and Portuguese, some of the many languages, including Spanish, in which she is fluent. In addition, she develops projects focused on sustainability in urban design and architecture, aiming for solutions in visual communication by working with video, traditional and digital images, drawing, illustration, and photography.

Christiane Wagner has practical technical know-how of the traditional expressions of graphic arts, basing her training on the practice with analog resources and conventional tools with technical mastery of drawing, illustrations, paintings, and visual production to contemporary media — mastering digital graphics resources. In addition, she has developed theoretical and critical reflection, contemplating the theoretical-practical interweaving in her training.

Her bio, research lines, published books and articles, as well as her portfolio, recent international conference participations, and research networks, can be found on this homepage.

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Christiane Wagner’s portfolio shows the visual aspect of her performances, which presents the whole range of her artistic and intellectual activities.

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