Research Line 1

Aesthetics and Politics The global visual media images seem to present essential values highlighting socio-political themes by appropriating modern and contemporary artworks. However, within this context, it is not necessarily the case that images’ socio-political meanings are politically exercised. Rather, these meanings are contained in the politics themselves. Some artworks and themes allude to the freedom of expression, ethics, and democracy and, in doing so, question censorship in visual media and iconoclasm in modern and contemporary art. In this sense, this research line concentrates upon the values of human existence in global visual media with regard to the impact that … Continue reading Research Line 1

Research Line 2

Environmental and Urban Aesthetics Abstract: This research line on aesthetics integrates the art and technology of producing images and its relationship with the social sciences and visual culture in its history, theory, and pedagogy. Besides achieving research results and knowledge, it is essential to focus on two strictly convergent studies involved in aesthetic experience: environmental and urban aesthetics—the interactions between nature, architecture, framing photography, moving images, and media to understand the aesthetic realm’s value nowadays. This study explores space and time modalities in the interdisciplinary exchange between perception studies and cinematic methods, theories, and editing effects (montage of fragments of … Continue reading Research Line 2

Research Line 3

The Binomial Aesthetics-Technology and the Concept of the Anthropocene What would the possibilities be for our environment’s continuous development and evolution following the implementation of creativity, technique, and learning processes to problem-solving and improvement through design? Intriguing problems drive creativity and the development of methods to overcome the limits of ideas and thinking, which involves searching for greater understanding, knowledge, and, above all, a better capacity to communicate and relate within our environments. What references in the history of design offer support for social and technological development? At the end of the 20th century, the technological transformations that took place were determinants for … Continue reading Research Line 3

Research Lines

For her PhD thesis in the sciences of art and aesthetics at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (magna cum laude) and for her PhD thesis in architecture and design (with honors) and a master’s degree in science of communication (with honors) at the University of São Paulo (USP), Christiane Wagner’s research focused on contemporary image analyses of concept innovation, urban planning, public policy, media, and cultural studies. Furthermore, after post-doctoral research (UNICAMP Fellowship CAPES 2014–2018) in the aesthetics and science of communication (habilitation for a teaching career in higher education, venia legendi), she has been working on the concepts of mediated reality, visual culture, … Continue reading Research Lines

Current Project

Lars C. Grabbe, Christiane Wagner und Tobias Held. 2023. Kunst, Design und die »Technisierte Ästhetik«. Reihe Welt|Gestalten, Bd. 6. Büchner-Verlag: Marburg. Die gestalterische Produktion – vornehmlich der letzten Jahrzehnte – vollzieht sich im Kontext einer alles umfassenden »Technisierung«, welche gleichermaßen … Continue reading Current Project

Communication & Design

By Christiane Wagner (2004-2009) Sony, Financial Support for Art Direction, Supervision and Management Visual Communication Projects, Sony Brazil for the Art Style Communication & Design Projects: Advertising projects Casa e Mercado (Home and Market) Magazine; Business Solutions by Sony; AIWA … Continue reading Communication & Design

Children’s Literature

Christiane Wagner has a series of children’s books out that she has written and illustrated. The books are fictional stories, told in a way that allows children to understand better how they might positively relate to both environmental and social … Continue reading Children’s Literature