Videos on Arts & Media

Provence Academy CoArt Interview with Christiane Wagner during the Corona pandemic 2020 CoART-19 Making Art possible – À table ! It is a cultural reflection on coronavirus and its effects on a personal, artistic, philosophical, and social level. “CoART-19 Making … Continue reading Videos on Arts & Media

Communication & Design

For more information about, and to see images of the most significant works, please click on the link: Communications Design. Also, Logos & Visual Identity Creation! Click on the links! The most recent logo’s design and visual identity: 1. Logo_Kinderhilfe_Benoite_Visual_Identity_Guideline 2. Logo_ISA_RC14_Visual_Identity Guideline 3. Logo_ISA_RC14_Visual_Identity Guideline[redesign] … Continue reading Communication & Design

Children’s Literature

Christiane Wagner has a series of children’s books out that she has written and illustrated. The books are fictional stories, told in a way that allows children to understand better how they might positively relate to both environmental and social … Continue reading Children’s Literature


While working for Art Style Communication & Design as a graphic artist for both print and electronic media, in computer arts, design, and illustration, I have established myself as a most senior designer, taking on projects that require both high … Continue reading Artworks