Research Project 1

Decoloniality: Challenges of Postcolonial Aesthetics – In this research, on the one hand, creative practices are observed by considering the resources and sociopolitical context of the cultural (re)production technologies and media effects. On the other hand, art is related to the universality of democratic ideals, aesthetics, and social reflections upon the cultural context in today’s globalized world. Numerous visual manifestations such as media, cinematography, art exhibitions, and visual culture aim to discuss cultural diversity. In this way, an investigation of non-Western nations that seek a break with hegemonic Western forms of globalization involving aesthetics is conducted. Therefore, the analysis of … Continue reading Research Project 1

Research Project 2

Urban Aesthetics: Image Media and Visual Culture Perspectives – The novelty experience has been diluted in every aspect of daily life, intensified by media technologies. To provide insight into this preliminary problem, this research on the essential values that underscore aesthetics, ethics, politics, media, and transformation processes focuses upon the following question: What are the “true” symbolic values that prove facts through the use of images within the impact of global culture? For this analysis to proceed, it is necessary to ground this research in an aesthetic of visibility, such as in the relationship between international photojournalism and images of modern … Continue reading Research Project 2

Research Project 3

Urban Design: Digital Age, Moving Images, and Visual Communication – This research project integrates the art and technology of producing images and its relationship with the social sciences and humanities. In addition to achieving research results and knowledge, this research focuses on two strictly convergent studies involved in urban design—the interactions between nature, architecture, framing photography, moving images, and media—to understand the current value of the aesthetic realm. This study explores space and time modalities in the interdisciplinary exchange between perception studies and cinematic methods, theories, and editing effects (montages of fragments of environmental and urban scenarios). The objective is … Continue reading Research Project 3

Research Project 4

Environmental Aesthetics: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development – What would the possibilities be for the continuous development and evolution of our environment following the implementation of creativity, techniques, and learning processes for problem-solving and improvement through design or architecture? Intriguing problems drive creativity and the development of methods to overcome the limits of ideas and thinking, which involve searching for greater understanding, knowledge, and, above all, a better human capacity to communicate and relate within our environments. At the end of the 20th century, technological transformations were determinants of the consequences of global industrial action affecting the new direction toward … Continue reading Research Project 4

Research Projects

Christiane Wagner’s research fields are aesthetics and the science of communication, concentrated on the research lines of knowledge, culture, technology, and theories of visual perception. Her research projects address the interface of media, cinematography, art, architecture, design, and digital innovation with social and urban concerns. For more information, please click on the following linked themes: Research Project (1) Decoloniality: Challenges of Postcolonial Aesthetics – Research Project (2) Urban Aesthetics: Image Media and Visual Culture Perspectives – Research Project (3) Urban Design: Digital Age, Moving Images, and Visual Communication – Research Project (4) Environmental Aesthetics: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development Continue reading Research Projects

Current Project

Lars C. Grabbe, Christiane Wagner und Tobias Held. 2023. Kunst, Design und die »Technisierte Ästhetik«. Reihe Welt|Gestalten, Bd. 6. Büchner-Verlag: Marburg. Die gestalterische Produktion – vornehmlich der letzten Jahrzehnte – vollzieht sich im Kontext einer alles umfassenden »Technisierung«, welche gleichermaßen … Continue reading Current Project

Videos on Arts & Media

Fragments in Connection and Algorithmic Rule: Encoding the Urban Image in Motion Conference: Urban Assemblage: The City as Architecture, Media, AI and Big Data University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, London, June 28-30, 2021 To read the abstract, please click here. Artistic, Cultural, and Political Interdependence: … Continue reading Videos on Arts & Media

Major Projects

Art Style | Art & Culture International Magazine Christiane Wagner is the editor-in-chief, founder, and creative director of Art Style, Art & Culture International Magazine, an open-access, biannual, and peer-reviewed online magazine that aims to bundle cultural diversity. All values of … Continue reading Major Projects

Children’s Literature

Christiane Wagner has a series of children’s books out that she has written and illustrated. The books are fictional stories, told in a way that allows children to understand better how they might positively relate to both environmental and social … Continue reading Children’s Literature

Communication & Design

Christiane Wagner is the founder and art director of the Art Style Communication & Editions. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design (2003) with first-class honors and gaining experience, she founded her studio (2003), Art Style Communication & Design (Art Style Communication & … Continue reading Communication & Design

Artwork & Photography

Christiane Wagner has been working as a designer for both traditional and digital media. As a result, she is fluent in all the appropriate graphic design software. In addition, she has shown initiative in learning new skills and expanding her … Continue reading Artwork & Photography