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Christiane Wagner has been working as a designer for both traditional and digital media. As a result, she is fluent in all the appropriate graphic design software. Wagner creates artworks using graphite on paper drawing, watercolor painting, pastel on paper, quick sketch drawing with graphite, water-based marker, and micron pen. In addition, she develops projects focused on sustainability in urban design and architecture, aiming for solutions in visual communication by working with video, traditional and digital images, drawing, illustration, and photography.

This project was designed based on a monument in Cuneo (1962), adapted from Aldo Rossi’s design at a scale of 1:100. In Cuneo project, Aldo Rossi is exploiting the ‘concept of type’ to create a monument that interrelates ancient to modern examples of memorial monuments, without specific associations or distinct characterising of any particular style in history. Cumeo project reflects the city’s past without replicating specific buildings and as such, Rossi’s project can be seen as a contribution, an influence of how the city of Cuneo is going to become. Cumeo project marks the memory of a historical event, through specific architectural typology, an ideological project which requires the visitors/viewers to think about the past and engage in the sensory experience of the memorial.
Such perception has brought new ideas for other projects about the artificial ambiance and materials limits. This project shows the possibility of constant transformation and seeks to understand the relationships between individuals and their environment.
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Movie: Typology adapted from Aldo Rossi’s design.
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Illustration for the article: Wagner, Christiane. “Aesthetic Experience: Visual Culture as the Masterpiece of Nonhumanity.” On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 2, Germany, Gießen, 2016.
Organic View Movie
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La beaute de l'horrorPoetry, drawings, paintings, and photographs (scenarios): La beauté de l’horreur et ses récits (2010).

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© Christiane Wagner, 2010
© Christiane Wagner, 2010
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Painting 6

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