Research Lines

For her PhD thesis in the sciences of art and aesthetics at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (magna cum laude) and for her PhD thesis in architecture and design (with honors) and a master’s degree in science of communication (with honors) at the University of São Paulo (USP), Christiane Wagner’s research focused on contemporary image analyses of concept innovation, urban planning, public policy, media, and cultural studies. Furthermore, after post-doctoral research (UNICAMP Fellowship CAPES 2014–2018) in the aesthetics and science of communication (habilitation for a teaching career in higher education, venia legendi), she has been working on the concepts of mediated reality, visual culture, and socio-political relevance. Both universities (USP and UNICAMP) are ranked as the best universities in Latin America. In this sense, her research lines concentrate on the arts, global visual media concerning international politics, environmental, and urbanization issues. Four research lines regarding these fields of studies are outlined:

Research line 1:

Aesthetics and Politics

Research line 2:

Environmental and Urban Aesthetics

Research line 3:

The Binomial Aesthetics-Technology and the Concept of the Anthropocene

Research line 4:

Postcolonial Aesthetics and Media Image