Communication & Design

By Christiane Wagner

(2004-2009) Sony, Financial Support for Art Direction, Supervision and Management

Visual Communication Projects, Sony Brazil for the Art Style Communication & Design


  1. Advertising projects Casa e Mercado (Home and Market) Magazine;
  2. Business Solutions by Sony;
  3. AIWA Events;
  4. Environmental projects and show room catalog for WEGA TV 2004;  
  5. Advertising projects for CD Players AIWA;
  6. Environmental projects and show room catalog for WEGA Theatre 2004-2005;
  7. Environmental projects and show room for New Space Concept with Sony Technology;
  8. Integrating environment and facilitating communication with Seal videoconference.

(2000-2001) National Confederation of Brazilian Industry

Project on Sustainable Industry in Brazil, Agenda 21.

World Forum in Johannesburg for the Art Style Communication & Design in partnership with the National Confederation of Brazilian Industry–CNI, ECOM Ecology and Communication, UPET/Information Center, ASCOM/Media Advisory Board in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For more information about, and to see images of the most significant works, please click on the link: Communications Design.

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The most recent logo’s design and visual identity:

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2. Logo_ISA_RC14_Visual_Identity Guideline

3. Logo_ISA_RC14_Visual_Identity Guideline[redesign]

4. Logo_CR38_Visual_Identity Guideline

5. Logo_ISA_RC57_Visual_Identity Guideline

Visual Sociology Newsletter [Editor]

Logo and Visual Identity of ISA RC57 [Designer]

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Visual Sociology Newsletter [Volume 17]

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